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Fundraising Reimagined

Customizable Solutions

MyPledger is your customizable solution that guides the fundraising process. Through customizable messaging, a calendared drip reminder-campaign, and collectable data, MyPledger streamlines your cause's efforts; enabling you to do what you do best.

Donor Engagement

Boost your donation collections with easily accessible payment options, automated follow-ups, and campaign gift tracking and reporting through our technology framework. Meanwhile, MyPledger collects donor names and manipulates the data for future use, generating an ongoing and more consistent donor engagement & ask.


Fundraising Increase

With MyPledger you can increase your fundraising goal by 45% through mobile fundraising and enhanced donor engagement / stewardship


Collection Rate

MyPledger’s donation conversion rate is approximately 78% vs. an industry average of 25%


Giving Growth

Mobile Giving Donations have Increased 205% in the Past Year

Benefits of MyPledger

No Restrictions:


Personalized Approach:

No limitations on number or amount of pledges

Unlimited events

Option to accept offline donations

No deadlines or goal requirements

Expand your boundaries: Use the power of social media to invite others to join the cause

No pressure on the audience to pay at event

Customized auto generated communications by SMS, Email or Voice

Carrier Independent- Audience can send their pledges from any type of mobile carrier or mobile phone

Device Agnostic- Administrate your campaign from iOS, Andriod or a Blackberry phone

Donor data tracking and management

Social media donor engagement

Customized landing page

Customized landing page

Campaign gift tracking and reporting

Join us re-imagining your own funding goals.