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Fundraising? MyPledger is for You


MyPledger’s solutions are designed to help a wide range of educational institutions by utilizing limited personnel to drive exceptional fundraising results. Examples of institutions include K-12 Schools, Universities, Related Membership Associations/Groups. Reach out and nurture relationships with parents, students, and alumni.


MyPledger’s solutions are designed to equip various levels of non-profits with the tools to streamline their efforts while yielding sustainable results. Examples of non-profit entities include Foundations, Charity Organizations, Social and Recreational Clubs, Thought Leaders, Civic Leagues

Faith Sector

MyPledger equips Faith-based institutions with the strategy to further grow their fundraising processes through its ability to report and predict accurately, thereby increasing transparency between giving and expectations. Examples of institutions include Churches, Synagogues, Mosques, Para-ministries, Related Membership Associations and Groups.

Is MyPledger right for you?

You may be a great fit for MyPledger if You:

Have no, or limited, staff responsible for fundraising efforts
Desire instant gratification in raising money through event hosting
Are unable to track donations
Desire transparency in your results and reporting
Have a cause or fundraising vision looking to grow in its reach and funds
Desire to create a donor-beneficiary connection throughout the year to increase engagement
Are in need of a way to collect and organize donor information

Can MyPledger boost your fundraising efforts?