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Leave the Fundraising to Us



Faster. Targeted. More Effective.

The easiest way to raise more money while creating lifetime advocates

MyPledger is the preferred framework to accelerate the acquisition and collection of funds. Through customized fundraising strategy, MyPledger enables organizations to increase their Impact.
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The Secret to MyPledger

MyPledger provides a comprehensive end-to-end pledging and communication platform. Set up customized event pages and donor communications, automate messaging through email and text messages, provide real-time leaderboards to incentivize giving, and tie your systems together with robust CRM, social media, and reporting integrations.



MyPledger boosts your donation collections with automated follow-ups, campaign gift tracking and reporting, and easily accessible donation collection through our secured merchant account.

By using our approach, organizations have experienced collection rates of greater than 90%, toppling the traditional “Text to Donate” approach by 300%.



On average, we can increase your fundraising goals by 45% by optimizing communications and locating further opportunities.

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Technology Designed With You In Mind

Automated Messaging

Send mobile messages, calls, and emails to the right person across the right channel at the right time. MyPledger refines your messaging to be more effective in driving donations to your cause and includes automated followups to remind potential pledges to complete their donation.

Craft Your Story

Personalize the look and feel of your mobile campaign through our customizable website options, campaign scripts, mobile messaging, and payment reminders. Create a storyline with your outreach from the very first touchpoint.

Fully Customizable

Your customizable solution that guides the fundraising process. Through targeted fundraising strategy, customizable messaging, a calendared drip reminder-campaign, and collectable data, MyPledger allows you to focus your nonprofit’s efforts; enabling you to do what you do best while leaving the fundraising to us.


Increased Efficiencies

Save time and money through reduced staff efforts. As opposed to devoting staff time to plan, execute, and follow-up on fundraising events, enable your team to focus on what they do best. Through our advanced technology, MyPledger saves you both time and money.

Win-Win Situation

We want your campaigns to be a success! As opposed to fundraising consultants who charge for the strategy upfront, we guide and install a framework for a small setup fee, and charge a small percentage based on the total donation amounts after the finalization of the event. Pay based on the success of the campaign itself; no money out of pocket coupled with a proven method to bringing in more donations. 

Donor Advocacy

Shape how you donors interact with your cause. Through strategic scheduling of warm touchpoints throughout the year, create a storyline that draws in your donors, creates loyalty, and sparks advocacy towards your cause.