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Leave the Fundraising to Us



Re-imagine the Fundraising Experience

Faster. Targeted. More effective.

Discover how MyPledger Works

Fund Your Vision.

Create Lifetime Advocates.

We’ve reimagined the fundraising experienced. MyPledger is the easiest way to raise more money while creating lifetime advocates.


Exceed your annual fundraising goals. Be intentional with every effort through trackable campaigns, segmented CRM integration, impactful storytelling follow-up.
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The Essentials

Cutting-edge Software

A software-driven solution to reimagine the donor experience. How? Through personalized and scalable communications, data collection and harmonization (i.e. making all your data sing to the same tune), and through accurate and transparent 24/7 access reporting.

Future Proofed

Plug-and-play data collection and transfer of those who “pledged” that enables organizations to compare and cleanse against CRMs and internal organization systems to streamline future campaigns.

Raising Money and Impact through the Power of Technology and Smart People

Leave the Fundraising to Us…

Why Would a Cause Use MyPledger

  • Increase fundraising goals by 45%
  • Collect up to 90% of pledges
  • Enhance donor engagements and stewardship
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Fundraising? MyPledger may be for you


MyPledger’s solutions are designed to help a wide range of educational institutions by utilizing limited personnel to drive exceptional fundraising results.


MyPledger’s solutions are designed to equip various levels of non-profits with the tools for to streamline their efforts while yielding sustainable results.

Faith Sector

MyPledger equips Faith-based institutions with the strategy to further grow their fundraising processes through its ability to report and predict accurately, thereby increasing transparency between giving and expectations.