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Que Frasier

Que has revolutionized the MyPledger experience through her decades of fundraising expertise and her deep knowledge of building sustainability. Highly connected in the nonprofit sector and skilled in making real-time decisions, Que is MyPledger’s executive visionary and the voice of possibility for the philanthropy industry.

Rachel Walker
Chief Operating Officer (COO)

With a knack for deriving detail-oriented strategies, Rachel Walker ensures that MyPledger operates at peak efficiency and effectiveness. Rachel brings over 8 years of operations and project management experience to her role as Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Hakeem Ogunleye
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Hakeem brings over 14 years of experience as an Enterprise Architect prior to joining MyPledger as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). His passion is developing and executing an innovative approach to align MyPledger’s technical requirements to help meet the company’s strategic goals.